Ogallala Livestock


Special Cow/Calf Pair & Stockcow Sale
with Regular Sale

Wednesday, September 16th 2015

Butcher Cows & Bulls: 9:00AM
Cow/Calf Pairs & Bred Stockcows: 12:00PM


Dewey Cattle Co (36)
Ang Stockcows, 3&4 yrs
(5) Ang Cows with calves at side, 3&4 yrs
Bred mostly to Ang bulls & could be some Red & Char bulls, calving now through Oct

Kelly Wilson (25)
Ang & Bwf Stockcows with 300# calves at side, 3-6 yrs
Running back with Ang bulls since July 20th

Jim Haugland (15)
Wf & Rwf Stockcows, 4-8 yrs
HR, Bred to Hereford Bulls, due Oct. 12th for 60 days

Troy Hopping (5)
Ang & Bwf Cows with calves at side, 4-8 yrs

Make plans now to attend this sale & feel free to call our office for more information.

Ogallala Livestock 308-284-2071