Ogallala Livestock


Special Cow/Calf Pair
& Fall Calving Stockcow Sale with Regular Sale

Wednesday, April 29th, 2015

Butcher Cows & Bulls: 8:30 AM
Baby Calves: 12:00 PM
Cow/Calf Pairs to follow


Kemp Land & Livestock (200)
Angus & few Bwf Fall Calving Stock Cows, 3, 4 & 5 year olds
Bred to Angus Bulls, due September 1st, will be sorted into 30 day calving intervals by ultra sound preg check


Trey & Dayna Wasserburger (85)
Angus 1st Calf Heifer Pairs
Calves AI sired by Connealy Confidence, Feb born last calf Feb 25th,
 in Jan heifers Safe-guard, ScourGuard, poured, calves Alpha 7 at birth, tagged to match

Smith Land & Cattle (80)
Angus 1st Calf Heifer Pairs
Feb & March born calves,
purchased from Raymar Angus, Lawrence Hansen & Diagger & Orr Angus
Red Angus 1st Calf Heifers Pairs
HR, Feb & March born Red Angus calves, at birth Alpha 7 and MultiMin,
April 21st Bovi-shield GOLD 5, One Shot, Enforce 3 & poured,
Heifers vaccinated with Vira Shield 6 + VLS & poured, gentle

Jess Halstead (40)
Angus Stock Cows with Calves at side, S&S to BM
200 lbs calves

Kuenning & Son (35)
Angus & Bwf 1st Calf Heifer Pairs
Calves sired by Sons of Special Focus, one raising
Angus & Bwf Stock Cows with Calves at side, 4 to 10 years old
HR, all shots, calves have had Alpha 7, poured, tagged to match

Rust Ranch (34)
Angus 1st Calf Heifer Pairs
This is a big stout set of heifers that are one raising with an outstanding set of Angus sired March born calves at side,
 heifers poured, foot rot and pink eye shots, calves Alpha 7 at birth

Day Land & Cattle (20)
Angus Stock Cows with Angus Calves at side, BM

Graff Cattle (6)
Angus Pairs, 2 to 3 years old

Mark Cape (5)
Bwf 1st Calf Heifer Pairs
Heifers are Van Newkirk breeding, late Feb calves

Clifford Quick (5)
Red Angus 1st Calf Heifers
HR, bred to Tenderkin Red Bulls, due May, all shots, ScourGuard

Gibson Herefords (4)
Horned Hereford Breeding Bulls, 2 years old
Fertility tested

Make plans now to attend this sale & feel free to call our office for more information.
This sale will be broadcast live via the internet on www.CattleUSA.com.
Pre-registration is required before the day of the sale.

Ogallala Livestock 308-284-2071